Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Movie Reviews

Sillunu Oru Sandhippu Movie PosterMovie : Sillunu Oru Sandhippu
Starring : Vimal, Dipa Shah, Oviya
Direction : Ravi Lallin
Music : FS Faizal
Production : Madras Enterprises

If there is one thing more painful than watching a bad movie, it is watching a movie that intends to takeitself seriously for no reason. Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu is one such movie that is determined to suffocateyou with its sermons, mostly irrelevant to your lives. A love story of sorts, the movie is replete withpseudo-philosophical thoughts supposedly about true love mouthed by every single character present init.

Debut director Ravi Lallin is also set out to send a message with his movie. What you think is love atthe age of 17, when you are still in school, is not really love. It is just an attraction towards the opposite(same is not in question here) sex. We see exactly what is going on in your mind right now; like really?That tiny shred of philosophy is what Sillunnu Oru Sandhippu is based upon in its entirety.

Vimal looks young and all that

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