Mathil Mel Poonai Movie Reviews

Mathil Mel Poonai Audio Release Invitation PostersFilm: Mathil Mel Poonai
Starring: Vijay Vasanth,Vibha,Karthik
Director: Bharani Jayapal
Producer: G.V.Kannan
Banner: Peenics Creation Pvt Ltd
Music: Ganesh Raghavendra

Mathil Mel Poonai is a thriller entertainer which starts with two different stories – one is about a group of school kids, who indulge in a series of bizarre and violent activities, then the second story revolves around a young couple. The young couple will go through many horrible experiences when they visit their native place. Plot goes through many thrilling experiences as well as horrible scenes and both the stories will converge is the interesting part of the story.

Vijay Vasanth showed some matured performance when compared to his earlier films. It

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