Kutti Puli Movie Review

Kutti-Puli-Movie-Posters-01Film: Kutti Puli
Starring: Sasikumar,Lakshmi Menon,Saranya
Director: G Bhoopathy Pandian
Producer: Muruganandham
Banner: Village Theatres
Music: Gibran

Kutti Puli (Sasikumar) lost his father at a young age in a local gang rivalry, and since then has been raised single-handedly by his mother, who fears that he will grow up to be just like his father. Unfortunately, he does grow up to be like his father and even picks up the same traits that got him killed. No matter how hard the mother tries, her efforts only prove futile because Puli lives by his own principles. However, she believes if she could get him married then probably he may turn responsible and take control of his life. But Puli is against marriage because he believes that with so many people who wish to see him dead, his future wife may have live like his mother, who was left behind by his father. What makes Puli have a change of heart and eventually agree to marry? This forms the rest of the story.

Sasikumar is again seen in an angry young man avatar with a good side that needs to be awakened. Even though he played his role with ease and confidence, he is starting to get repetitive with his choice of films.

Lakshmi Menon plays her part well and her on screen chemistry with Sasikumar is quite decent.

Saranya Ponvannan hardly has any part to play besides crying in every other scene, while Prabha, who makes a comeback after a long hiatus, has an equally unsatisfying part.

Technical Analysis

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